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Plumbing, Heating & Refrigeration Articles

What's New in Heating, Plumbing, and Cooling?

Check out these articles from leading industry resources like Supply House Times and Contracting Business. Find out what's new and what's popular, stay up-to-date with your own projects, and learn a few extra tricks of the trade.

Articles Archives
Lose the Tank, Save the Energy
The Wholesaler

Tankless water heaters save homeowners money on their water bills, and even lower water consumption. This article looks into the technology that makes it possible, providing two case studies of very successful tankless installations in the President’s Mansion at the University of Illinois, and Sunny Hill Nursing Home.

Six Ways to Annoy Contractors
Supply House Times

Jim Olsztynski, founding editor of Plumbing and Mechanical, has extensive experience dealing with both contractors and distributors. Learn from his experience and find out the top complaints contractors have when dealing with distributors – and how to resolve some of these issues.

Tankless heaters getting more efficient
Professional Remodeler

Ease of installation and energy efficiency make condensing tankless water heaters immensely popular. There are a number of benefits to installing tankless units in homes. Read more about tankless costs, the benefits of venting with PVC, and how condensing tankless units work.

IAQ and Energy Efficiency: The Perfect Sales Combo
Contracting Business

Improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) in a home can also directly improve the efficiency of the home’s HVAC system. Get the facts and techniques you need to convince both technicians and customers of the benefits of IAQ sales beyond simple filters.

An Hydronics Wave
Publication: HVACR Distribution Business

Homeowners are beginning to discover that heating and cooling with hydronics is more efficient and more comfortable than using forced-air systems. Hyrdonics heating and cooling has made great advances with high-efficiency heaters and zoned heating. In order to meet a growing need, wholesalers and dealers are finding new applications for hydronics.

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